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The objectives of the CRplatformNL are as follows:

Creating a community of practice around Cognitive Radio with the objectives of:

The following shows the workshops already held (white background) and potential workshops (yellow background). Use cases, Development status and Other topics

Use cases

The following Usecases are on the list:

Casename Presentation Time, Workshop and Minutes
ECT terminal Rotterdam
March 2010 workshop, # 1
Special events

Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO)



June 2010 workshop, # 2
Public safety
vts Politie Nederlands
September 2010 workshop, # 3
High density radio February 2011 workshop, # 5
Cognitive Radio – the innovation process


An entrepreneurial perspective on Cognitive Radio

May 2011 workshop # 6


Lessons that can be learned from research into other similar innovation trajectories

Domotica   June 2011 workshop, # 7
Mobile broadband data for the academic community


Mobile infrastucture on the campus

September 2011 workshop, # 8
Cognitive Radio Hardware    
Indoor program capture


Field experience with CR-microphones

April 12th, 2012 workshop, # 10
Licensed Shared Access

Ministry of Economic Affairs:

International developments in the regulation of Cognitive Radio

March 6, 2014, workshop # 12


Authorized Sharing Access - Optimizing Spetrum Allocation

Agentschap Telecom:

Opportunities for LSA in the Netherlands

University Medical Centers

UMC Utrecht:


May 26, 2016, workshop # 18
Second workshop on University Medical Centers

To be published when available


October 24, 2016, workshop # 19
Low Power Long Range (LoRa)

Telkamp – Research & Development:

Het Internet Huis B.V.:


December 8, 2016, workshop #20
"Digitale proeftuin" Regional network for safe and dependable networks for businesses

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Frequentiebeleid en bedrijfsspecifieke communicatie

February 1, 2018, workshop # 22


MISSION: Improve Delta Resilience

Plastic Optical Fiber for In-House
Cognitive Radio Hardware   to be scheduled
Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)   to be scheduled
TV White spaces   to be scheduled

Development status suppliers

Casename Presentation Time, Workshop and Minutes
Existing Hybrids and Cognitive Radio on the market


Wireless roadmap

December 2010 workshop, # 4


Enabling Infrastructure for hybridicity and Cognivity


Hybrid cognitive radio networks for command & control in public safety

Cognitive Radio and radio spectrum sharing: Principles and experience

Cisco and SpectrumConsult:

Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) for Wi-Fi

October 2011 workshop, # 9

Radio spectrum governance:

a matter of coordination

Areas with high traffic demand in the case of Wi-F


Implementation for high density wireless

December 2012 workshop, # 11


802.11 PHY solutions for high throughput

Agentschap Telecom:

Monitoring the use of shared spectrum, an exploratory research experience

UMTS paths and recombining   to be scheduled

Other topics

Casename Presentation Time, Workshop and Minutes
Elements of Cognitive Radio, TU Delft, Przemyslaw Pawelczak   June 2014 workshop # 13,
Cognitive Radio+  for 5G and Beyond TU/e
Cognitive Radio+  for 5G and Beyond
March 2015 workshop # 14
LAA: Coexistence of LTE and Wi-Fi in 5GHz band and fair spectrum utilization NSN:
LAA (Licensed Assisted Access)

White paper on LTE in unlicensed spectrum

Ruckus Wireless:
Proposals for LTE Operation In Unlicensed Spectrum

June 2015 workshop # 15
The Internet of things


Internet of Things Applications, trends and potential impact on radio spectrum

Peter Anker:

WRC-19 Agenda

January 2016 Workshop # 16
Proposed Spectrum management metrics for efficient license-exempt spectrum use and for innovation

Jan Kruys:

Metric based criteria

April 2016 Workshop # 17
Use Case: 5G – leadership through unlocking industry verticals   June 2017 Workshop # 21
Experience with Cognitive Radio   To be scheduled
Spectrum management: from government to governance Peter Anker To be scheduled